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Trying to make information accessible to everyone is hard! It requires an in depth understanding of how to manipulate information into an accessible format.  Which pictures,  type fonts,  sentence types? How do you format information to support communication access?

Aphasia Friendly Resources offers a unique service creating  products designed specifically to support understanding and expression.

Our service is provided by a Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist and Aphasia Specialist Graphic Designer.

We can help you amend material to improve communication access or take your new idea right through to it's end product with you.

We offer 

  • advice
  • typography
  • images
  • interactivity
  • video production

All our products follow the 

​NHS Englands (2016) Accessible Information Standards

Stroke Association (2012) Accessible Information Guidelines

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements by emailing: aphasiafriendly@icloud.com