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Mt Wilga high level language test

Revised in 2006 (with UK adaptations) by Fiona Simpson. **Please refer to the Conditions of Use Document.

Alphabet Charts.

Aphasia Wallet Card

Credit card size. Double sided. Space for writing Communication Ramps on reverse

Everyday needs

Picture Charts

Single page

info- graphics

to support discussion on specific topics.

Patient Rating Scale.

shared by Helen Paterson

Royal Hospital of Neuro Disabilities, London




Consent Forms

YES NO Charts

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Chris' blog

Follow this link to Chris' amazing blog about his experiences of living with aphasia.

Communication Disability and Technology leaflet

​Goal Setting Forms

Aphasia Aware June

Download Package for displays and information

Aphasia Aware Window decal


Aphasia Aware window decal, Service point strategies card  Information and advice leaflet. 

Information Leaflets

with aphasia friendly formatting

The Climb:

for use in goal setting and outcomes.

A non-verbal tool for indicating what was felt immediately post event, how feel now, where want to be in future.

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