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Verb Therapy :

Two argument  structures

60+ pages of 3 element sentences 

"The man is driving the car."

"The man is driving badly."

​"The man is driving down the street"

Why do I need a license?

Licenses reduce the risk of unauthorised sharing of documents.

Pirating of digital products jeopardises the sustainability of resources like these.

Verb Therapy :

One argument  structures

60 pages of subject - verb structures

"The woman is dancing."

Word Therapy

There are about 171,476 words in the English Language. How do we find the exact one we need?


Semantic Feature Analysis 

uses theories of word access, organisation and retrieval to enhance word finding skills.

This book contains 100 pictures, including the top 10 most used English nouns. 

By asking questions, such as, where would you find it, what is it used for?

Semantic Feature Analysis can help us learn target words AND generalise that learning to non target words.




Building Conversations:

Ten clear, composite pictures for building conversations, covering a range of topics from shopping to outer space.

Composite pictures are  great for promoting all types if interactions, non - verbal and verbal.

​Each composite picture is followed by sections promoting word finding and sentence building.

Each picture has been photo-shopped to add extra interest and maximise conversation points.

​A great therapy tool to add to your resources.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Talk About Goals :

After a life changing event, such as a stroke, life can feel shattered. Setting goals can help with finding the way forward, in achievable, positive steps. But setting SMART goals is difficult. This book explores techniques to reflect on goals setting and gives practical advice on writing ones that work for you.

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